From magical realism to truth

Speech by President Gustavo Petro Urrego

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In his presentation, embellished with fine rhetoric, the Colombian president exposed before the General Assembly of the United Nations, the causes, consequences and solutions to serious problems that plague humanity.

With authority and great conviction, directly invoking our Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel García Márquez; Colombian President Gustavo Petro Urrego, announced to the United Nations Assembly the position of his Government on sensitive issues such as climate change, the protection of the jungle Amazon and drug use.

Without hesitation, looking straight ahead, with the propriety of who is right, supported by the authority of being one of the most influential Spanish-speaking intellectuals on economic issues; with the endorsement of his knowledge of the historical processes of the country and the world, and the fact of establishing himself as one of the most outstanding influencers in America, he openly showed the disastrous incidence of the avidity of those he called the countries of the north and his desire of privileging disproportionate profit over life.

What did he say about the environmental problem?

In relation to the environmental problem and global climate change, he was forceful in pointing out the devastating implications of poisoning the earth with glyphosate, as part of the failed Anti-Drug Policy, identifying one of the causes of mass consumption in these countries: the immense loneliness of the people. With figures, he made projections about the damage and deaths that drug addiction will cause in that territory and in Latin America, if the problem is not intervened for what it is: a consequence of the precariousness of human relations. He denounced the deadly action of ending the water based on extractivist activity; he unmasked the motivation of wars and the desire for power, calling them by their name: the greatest and worst addictions of humanity; He vehemently invited the Latin American union to protect the Amazon ecosystem and build peace with social justice.

The president is right?

The Colombian president is not wrong, because drug addiction reflects the quality of society and family that we have built; a society focused on excessive production, wasteful of resources and predatory; a family that is not safe for its members; the desire to accumulate wealth that depletes resources and destroys in the natural treasure  that we were entrusted to care for, condemning us to extinction.

About environmental problems

Regarding this topic, the Colombian president was forceful in pointing out the implications of poisoning the land with glyphosate, of ending water based on extractivist activity, the desire for profit and the desire for power, calling them for its name: the greatest addictions of humanity. He vehemently invited to end the war in the world «because it is time for peace», to the Latin American union and to the protection of the Amazon ecosystem, the most important lung that the planet has and an extraordinary source of biodiversity.

President Gustavo Petro in his speech went through the magical realism of our species and beautiful landscapes, and through the pain of the violence that consumes us, honoring the truth; his sincere speech, full of feeling, inspired, sensitized, made Colombian citizens cry, who believe in the possibility of building a better country, and filled the hearts of many Latinos with hope who see in him a leader capable of fulfilling Bolívar’s dream: the unity of our peoples.

Beyond the speech and facing the solution on drug addiction, it is worth reflecting…

Taking into account that the ghost of legalization haunts our minds, demonized and seen as an action that would promote consumption and addiction in Colombia, it can be concluded, echoing the president, that the family and its affectionate and formative work play a essential role in prevention. This being the case, a child or young person who is loved, wanted, respected, supported, with opportunities, educated with criteria, will hardly fall into consumption or addiction. This means that the answer is in the hands of fathers and mothers, with the support of a State that protects, educates and demands compliance with rights. The same responsibility has the school, which must play a consolidating role in prevention, welcoming girls, boys and young people with loving, respectful practices that enhance their talents. Therefore, the war against drug use is won in the first place at home, with parents present, even if they do not live together, but committed to raising and accompanying their daughters and sons. Loved, safe, valued human beings will not need drugs to escape from reality. The President said it well: Do you want less drug use? give more love.

Finally, President Gustavo Petro has said it clearly: it is not the Government alone that is going to promote and achieve the changes that we most urgently require; are the citizens of Colombia, and the foreigners who profit from the wealth of the country, who must consciously contribute to the transformation from their knowledge and work, leaving aside selfishness, opting for dialogic and convenient participation for all, with solidarity actions based on kindness, compassion, empathy, from love, so that this experience of building a better Colombia may be possible, and takes us out of economic and social feudalism and the obscurantism of these hundred years of loneliness, violence and institutional abandonment in which we have lived. Portal, Magazine and its project Better father, better country, congratulates President Gustavo Petro for his intention and actions for the benefit of the people of Colombia, supports initiatives that are aimed at the common good, social development, and the achievement peace.

This note is a tribute to our beloved and remembered English teacher Héctor Jiménez.(D.E.P)

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